Salt is the important element providing activity of the person and fauna

10 november 2014

пищевая соль в КазахстанеSalt (chloride sodium) is the important element providing activity of the person and fauna, also the goods having the widest range of industrial application. Salt is a basis for production of chemical products, first of all chlorine and the caustic soda on the basis of which the set of plastic is produced, including PVC, aluminum, paper, washed, flew down. According to the experts’ estimates, salt in modern conditions directly or indirectly has over 14 thousand scopes!

We will stop on kitchen salt, which is known for majority of us as use in meal. So, kitchen le salt is a crystal chloride sodium, contains 39,4% of sodium and 60,6% of chlorine. It is known as it is well dissolved in water of any temperature.

Sodium is one of the main cations necessary for implementation of the vital functions of a human body. In our organism about 50% of all sodium are in extracellular liquid, 40% - in bones and cartilages, about 10% - in cages. Sodium is a part of bile, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, juice of a pancreas, women's milk.

Sodium participates in maintenance of acid-base balance, the exchange of sodium makes an important link of a water-salt exchange of an organism, provides constancy of osmotic pressure. The sodium-potassium pump provides movement of amino acids and glucose through a cage membrane. It is necessary and for normal work of the nervous terminations, transfer of nervous impulses and muscular activity, including heart muscles, also for digestion of certain nutrients a small intestine and kidneys.

It must be kept in mind that we consume sodium not only with kitchen salt, but also with other compounds of sodium in the form of preservatives (sodium nitrate), flavoring additives (a sodium glutamate) or a baking powder (sodium bicarbonate).

Chlorine, in turn participates in formation of the special substances promoting splitting of fats. It is necessary in formation of hydrochloric acid - the main component of gastric juice, cares of removal from an urea organism, stimulates the work of sexual and central nervous systems, promotes formation and growth of a bone tissue. Muscular tissue of the person contains 0,20-0,52% of chlorine, bone - 0,09%; the bulk of this microcell contains in blood and extracellular liquid.

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