The kitchen salt is mineral natural substance

3 november 2014

соль в КазахстанеThe kitchen salt is mineral natural substance. There are certificates of that kitchen salt production was carried out 3-4 thousand more years B.C. in Libya.

Salt is evaporated from water (the well-known Elton and Baskunchak lakes), got from an earth subsoil, from sea water (sea salt). World geological reserves of salt are almost inexhaustible.

Big salt mines are known in Spain, in Germany, Austria. In this or that volume of each country of the world conducts production of any type of salt. Now world production of salt makes, according to Geological service of the USA, about 193 million tons per year and significant volumes are conducted more than in 100 countries.

The world's largest producer of salt at the country level are the USA. However, they aren't able to satisfy completely the needs for salt due to local production and are compelled to buy in significant amounts chloride sodium in a foreign market.

The most expensive type of salt is high-quality vacuum salt, it ıs several times more expensive than the evaporated and rock salt. Salt solutions - the cheapest type of salt, is also used in the industry, also as well as the low-quality salt used for fight against frosting of roads. Today the average price of kitchen salt makes 15 c.u. for ton.

And after all once salt was expensive goods. Lomonosov wrote that at that time for four small pieces of salt in Abyssinia it was possible to buy the slave.

Salt was given on a table in expensive saltcellars, it was protected, saved, bragged of it: availability of salt on a table was a sign of prosperity and wellbeing.

Stocked up with salt on a case of disasters and paid off with it instead of money. The Latin word "salarium" and the English word "salary" meaning "wages", "pay" - have a "salt" origin.

Because of salt there were national disorders and military collisions - remember well-known "salt revolts" and wars for fields of rock salt and salt reservoirs.

The value of salt generated a number of proverbs, sayings, aphorisms in which deep value of salt in human life was emphasized. One introduction of it "without gold it is possible to live and without salt it is impossible"!