Short history of development

Initial developments of Aral saline lakes in 1913 laid the foundation of Aral manufacturing complex. In 1925 “Sol” prospectors' team was established on the basis of Zhaksykylysh saline lakes. This prospectors' team became the basis for nowadays enterprise. Small-scale prospectors' team turned into salt production flagship of the former USSR. New technologies of extraction and processing of the salt were systematically introduced to the work of industrial complex. These actions allowed to maintain production outputs and subsequently extend the scales of salt production. After break-up of the USSR “Aralsol” industrial complex was privatized, which allowed to introduce new methods of management and planning suitable for conditions associated with market economy. In 1994 JSC “Araltuz” was established. In 1996 rehabilitation actions were initiated. Equipment was updated, new packing lines for packing white salt in polyethylene bags meeting the requirements of international standards were installed. In 2002 technology of secondary salt enrichment was successfully introduced to JSC “Araltuz” without interruption of production, which allowed to improve the quality of products significantly.

JSC “ARALTUZ” was set the following objectives:

  • Provision of high-quality and cheap white salt to the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Maintenance of the brand known from the USSR era;
  • Expansion of the enterprise to the international markets;
  • Introduction of the modern principles of organization and management for the purpose of increased efficiency of production and sales, as well as stable operation of the industrial complex.