Personnel of “Araltuz” company tends to produce high-quality salt assuming responsibility for the health and prosperity of the nation.  Since ancient times salt has been essential resource, Из древности соль – является необходимым ресурсом, vital source and guarantee of strong health! Our high-quality product meets all the standards. 

The most important competitive advantage of our enterprise is the vast experience of work in the salt market of Kazakhstan accumulated for 85 years of uninterrupted activity. Far-reaching   dealer network that is being extensively developing and conquering markets of Central Asia and CIS countries.  Moreover, manufacturing capacities allow to output wide range of products.

Primary goal of “Araltuz” company is maximum satisfaction of the interests of its clients. Considering this goal, we continue to build manufacturing group of companies (salt holding) in order to have share in any segment associated with consumption of salt products, including household and industrial consumption, through introduction of segment-oriented specialization.   

At the moment of Kazakhstan’s accession to the Customs Union and consequently to EEU company assumed objectives of principal re-equipment of technological basis of the enterprise, more specifically;   

  • Transition of production to the alternative sources of energy;  
  • Updating of enterprise infrastructure; 
  • Installation of the modern technological line supplied by European vendors;
  • Extension of product range from production of Extra class salt to briquetted salt for animals with necessary mineral supplements;
  • Transition to international quality standards;
  • Further extension of sales markets.  

85 years of experience of extraction and processing of salt, constant updating of production with introduction of new projects and technologies, engagement of young experts having creative thinking and extension of sales market allow JSC “ARALTUZ” to be sure of our bright future! 


“Araltuz” company manufactures extremely wide range of salt products. It also participates in any innovation projects extending its business activities. Company constantly introduces new production technologies and maintains its leading position in all its target markets.