Salt – useful tips

What type of salt package is convenient for the kitchen use?

Polyethylene bag
Carton box
Salt cellar (carton tube with doser)
Salt cellar (carton tube with grinder)

What size of salt package is convenient for the kitchen use?

1,000 g
500 g
250 g
200 g
150 g

History of the company

Initial developments of Aral saline lakes in 1913 laid the foundation of Aral salt manufacturing complex.

In 1925 “Sol” prospectors' team was established on the basis of Zhaksykylysh saline lakes. This prospectors' team became the basis for establishment of present enterprise. 

In 1994 complex was privatized and deregulated, JSC “Araltuz” was established.

In 1996 rehabilitation actions were initiated. Equipment was updated, new packing lines for packing white salt in polyethylene bags meeting the requirements of international standards were installed.

In 2002 technology of secondary salt enrichment was successfully introduced to JSC “Araltuz” without interruption of production, which allowed to improve the quality of products significantly.